Need to know first time Panama travel

My first experience of Panama, sort of, was when I had a 4hr stop over when flying from Quito to Cartagena. ( Yes, do your research as it was cheaper for me to fly through Panama than direct to Cartagena) I love Panama airport. You can leave me there for the day. It’s about half a km long, well it seems like it is, with duty-free shopping on both sides. Shopping bliss.

As I flew in. This I did not know until I was leaving Colombia and was asked if I had one at Cartagena Airport. I purchased mine there at a cost of approx. $5 U.S. They cannot be purchased at Panama City Airport. When coming into Panama via Costa Rica buses will issue you with one.

Most nationalities require on the onward ticket but I have not heard of anyone being asked to show proof of this. If asked, show a credit card. Panama City was great. I hired a taxi driver that does private tours and headed for the Panama Canal and the Miraflores Locks not far out of the city. We timed it right and I got to see an oil tanker come in and go right through. I think my photos of this are some of the best I took. Then to the old city. Old buildings, bougainvilleas in flower hanging down, the sea, the view over to the new city. It’s a delightful place to visit like Also a mariner nearby on an island which has a road built over to it and this is very new with more building still going on. It was full of grand yachts and boats. Many were from the USA.


If you can go to one of the resorts like Playa de Camerron, while in Panama traveling, then do so. I did and I don’t really think for what I got that it was expensive. The Panamanians certainly know how to look after you.

DAVID is also a popular visitor spot. Retirement homes that belong to Americans here and I can see why. It’s a very nice rural town with hostels and activities to do like river rafting. Bocas de Toro is another popular spot to go. It’s on an island and is growing more popular by the year as the place to visit.

And there is the area of San Blas to and not forgetting the city of. Panama has some lovely places to holiday and fares are cheap from the USA.

Travel Tips for Panama

Carry your passport on you. One of my buses was pulled over by police obviously looking for someone and I was asked for my passport. Luckily I had not packed it in my backpack.

Take a ‘chicken bus’ on a day trip to a smaller town. They are safe despite what some people say. On getting from city to city, the coaches for these trips are comfy.

If you fly into Panama don’t forget that all important tourist visa. Your airline should be able to sell this at your departure point. Ask if they don’t mention it. Some reports say you can purchase.

When crossing in from Costa Rica you will have to show onward ticket or sufficient funds.

Take a guided taxi tour while in Panama City, it’s the best way to do it I think, especially if you have a limited time in Panama City.

Travel Destinations for Singles Vacations in US

It is another experience to travel alone in the world and enjoy the natural beauty. By this, I mean that singles vacations need not be only for the purpose of enjoying, but it can also be educational as well. Are you alone and get upset by that? Well, I would recommend you to instantly book a backpacking expedition meant for singles. Just take your overnight bag and move towards some yet to explore the destination.

Not all recognize that solo traveling is most hidden, but the best way of self-discovery. And this is irrespective of whether you trek with your overnight bag or bike with your helmet on an unplanned trip route. So, in this article, I present to you some good ideals for singles vacations.

Get amidst the wild with wildlife safaris that are really not only meant for families and couples. Most beloved recommendations for the singles vacations are visiting a national park via an animal safari, which is a genuinely different experience. And in the United States, some difficult to spot your choice from the dozens of state parks regardless of where you live. Especially, Arizona is the land of national parks where the canyons and hoods are worth a look!

Get more adventurous by going for a climbing expedition, Scaling the rocky landscapes will increase your confidence and also will offer you an unmatched experience. Is this too much for you? Okay, I come on the ground level and suggest you a Singles’ Travel Tour wherein you must call your single friends for discovering an unknown place that will allow hitchhiking, camping, and staying in student hostels. These are some great ways to celebrate the ‘single’ status of yours. Here, too, I would suggest Arizona’s national parks – they are really great!

Want to know cheap singles vacations? Well, what else it can beside a beach? Enjoy the surf without wasting a minute. Play volleyball, go surfing or cruising, rent a beach-side cottage, set up a hammock under a tree, and just enjoy the cozy ambiance. If you are ready to spend more, look for water sports like diving, parasailing, snorkeling, and windsurfing! The US has no dearth of beaches – fly anywhere – Miami, Florida, or Mexico. In fact, even your town might offer a good beach for you!

It is often seen that people end up exploring the faraway tourist spots, but are themselves not aware of the few signature spots in their own hometown. So, why not do that first? Just reserve a day of your life to discover all such places in your own town, which you would suggest to the outsiders. These attractions could be anything: the zoo, historical sites, museums, restaurants, resorts, and parks.

Well, you still can enjoy a holiday if you want without the rains washing your vacation plan! Be positive as the rains and greenery will only add to your beautiful sceneries’ charm. Get some of the fellow single friends and go for a long drive, have a hot soup, and just enjoy the pours that invoke a heavenly feeling in you.

Is it the winter time featuring much snowfall? Well, you can still enjoy your vacation by calling all your pals, storing the skiing equipment in your car, and hit the slopes. I would suggest a January trip so that you get the best discount package for the ski resorts in Utah and California. So, what are you thinking about now? Nature will never come on your way if your intentions are simply good! I am sure; now you must be out of your impression that the summer or winter vacations are only for couples, families or kids.

All About Cancun Mexico Vacations

If you are wondering where to go for a beach that has a pleasant, warm and sunny weather, look no farther than Cancun in Mexico. The place is an exotic destination with wonderful beaches, archaeological treasures, and pyramids.

Cancun is the most popular place for tourists in Mexico. Cancun will be your ideal choice. On the east coast of Cancun, you can get the taste of scuba and snorkeling. Visit Cozumel, a neighboring island of Cancun to get cruise ships.

When you are along with your family on Cancun don’t miss the Xcaret Eco Park to get a taste of Mayan mythology. Your family and kids will love to see butterflies, birds and indigenous animals like jaguars and spider monkeys. The park has lots of live coral exhibits. For a taste of adventure.

Here you will get an elaborate idea about their rituals and customs. You will be overwhelmed to see their pyramids, sculptures, frescoes, and stelae. There are also pyramids at Coba that are not yet excavated. The place is marvelous, surrounded by a dense forest. Go to Tulum, the beautiful sea beach near this place.

Swimming is a wonderful experience in Cancun. Moonlight swimming in the sea is bound to be a thrilling experience. There are two underground rivers for snorkeling. You will really enjoy a beachfront herbal massage after a busy day lounging on the sea beach. Ceiba Del Mar and Paradisus Riviera Cancun are famous for spa. The spa in these places will give you great delight and boost your energy.

To have the taste of Mexican life and a close encounter with the people, spend a day in Pak Chen. You will have a real-life experience of knowing how the people harvest rubber and spend their life in thatched huts without electricity. You will love to eat foods like red beans, grilled chicken dusted in achiote powder and cucumber salad.


There are lots of hotels, inns, and condos in Cancun. There are also vacation rental homes. The hotels have all kinds and amenities and facilities. They will give you all kinds of services including free home service. The rental homes have two to three bedrooms, a dining space, a drawing room, and bathroom. The rooms are well furnished with all kinds of modern furniture. The kitchens are well equipped with ovens, micro ovens, and refrigerators. Purchase food supplies in the local market and fix yourself a mouthwatering dish without spending much.

Spending a vacation in Cancun will be a fantastic experience for you. The sunny sea beaches, glorious climate, innumerable activities.

Use public transportation

Use public transportation regularly during your stay. Cabs, taxis and another type of private transportation usually cost more and may yet be slower.